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Choosing your colours is definitely the hardest part. 

A good paint to get is white as you can always mix half white with a colour to make it a lighter shade. Please note* ceramic paints are not like other paints and can't be mixed together to get another colour. 

*Only ceramic paints can be used on ceramics. Please don't use oils, acrylic, craft, gauche paint etc. These paints won't be able to be fired and glazed. 

No use of any markers, they will not last the firing. 

Paint tubs are 50ml and thick

You will put this paint in a bowl at home and add water so you have a watery consistency. The paint will go a lot further that way and is easier to use.

Cost R15 per tub

(the colour examples in the pictures below are what thew colours come out like after the item has been fired and glazed )